14 October 2013

An Apology...

So sorry this blog has been a bit neglected just lately, several reasons...
I am back working probably 16 hours a day again....some retirement hey? lol
Although the 'work' is all playing hooky so I am lying when I describe it as work aren't I?
With the book's success and the magazine articles, it seems patterns from my book are in three different magazine this month alone.
Can't tell you how thrilled I am...thanks to everyone who has bought it huge hugs xx
This Wednesday I am taking part in a an event in Oswestry Library called
click the link for the fabulous selection of things to try and whats on.
My event is sold out and already has an extra couple of people wanting to play hooky.
I do hope they aren't beginners and c at least crochet a few stitches?
Out of the blue, Stylecraft, having seen one of the magazine articles,
rang me and asked if I would do some Crochet Designs for them?
WOULD I?.... Lol!
Styelecraft: click the link for their complete range.
 Some of my favourite yarns for crochet, I already use a lot of Stylecraft special and the Life range, I jumped at the chance.
I have been given a brief and lots of the fabulous
Both wonderful yarns to crochet with, the cotton in particular doesn't seem to split like a lot of cottons, so I would recommend it for a beginner wanting to try cottons,

and the Summer Breeze is a pastel range of acrylic/cotton, soft and delicate.
Just one teeny tiny problem they have all got to be completed before Mid December, ready for Stylecraft to have them photographed and ready for a trade show in February.
So I hope you will forgive my absence from The 8th Gem for a while longer.
Everything I am creating at the moment is for the Granny Squares Patterns Club,
also doing really well (thanks everyone who has joined the fun) 
or for Stylecraft Yarns.
win a £100 worth of YARN



  1. Such exciting things going on, good luck with your patterns.

  2. Replies
    1. Oooops thanks....getting there slowly,
      Hugs x

  3. Was just wondering where you'd got to!Found your book in another of our libraries last week - you'd think I wrote it the way I get excited about that!!Great opportunity for you with the Stylecraft job. Hope you'll remember your faithful followers when you get really famous!x

    1. I know not good to be absent so long is it, I mis doing the posts but just can't squeeze it in right now, but rest assured I think of you all every day.
      Thanks, hugs xx