01 November 2013

Single Crochet Rombus panel for bag....

And a second almost completed last night...too dark to take a picture yet...can't sleep so up in the early hours again....yaaaawn!!
 Loving the inset panels....a lot.
but look what arrived late yesterday....
so back to work for me.
Happy Hooking everyone xx
Someone has pinned my picture of SPOT MOSS STITCH onto Pinterest from
and I thank you very much,

They have added a caption on how to do this version of the stitch INCORRECTLY
and a lot of others have pinned it from them...oooops!
If you pin a copy please make sure you have the correct info.
If you followed their instruction you would end up with A VERTICAL STRIPE MOSS STITCH
and not the dot effect in the picture.


  1. Your bag is coming along nicely.,Sue! A lovely arrival of yarn for your new projects!
    It sounds like Pinterest can be a dangerous place for crochet pattern creators. Can you watermark all your images so that people seeking how to do the pattern can come back to you?

    1. Good Morning my early bird friend lol....just going to mail you.
      They can from the picture but the info under it that i couldn't control was the incorrect bit lol
      I did ask Pinterst to remove it and there does seem to have sorted it for now.
      Hugs x

    2. I'd like to know if it was me that posted something incorrectly. I'd be glad to remove it. I have been having an awful time of it with Pinterest links opening to porn sites. I am afraid to even browse others' boards lately. Lovely crochet you're doing, as always! :-)

    3. Hi Maschelle"no idea who was the first to pin it but it's been sorted I think Pintrest removed the pin with the incorrect caption and most are pinning it from my pin now
      Don't worry about it .
      Hugs x

  2. I have been having trouble sleeping myself Sue, gosh it is exhausting. Love your new crochet project.

    1. Hi thanks Meredith, finished a second inset one last night....took a couple of hours off work crochet lol
      Good film and do a little on my bag.
      Hugs x