06 January 2014

Wizz Aran mesh scarf and a granny shrug in the making...

Looks like the Wizz Yarn has been around for a while I found, when I started to look on Ravelry for yarns.....118 projects in the making it seems!
My scarf is a just a few rows short of being finished, just want to match up the ends a bit better.
I had planned on playing with the yarn, trying s few different patterns to see which worked best.
A Granny square was one of them....to be made into a shrug.

I thought it might work as a granny but when i saw this Giant Granny made in the same colour Wizz Aran by.....
on Ravelry

Mesh Scarf Pattern
US terms
Row 1: htr, in each st. (39sts)

Row 2: 3tr, ch3, 3tr ch3, repeat to end finish with 3tr.

Row 3: repeat row 1, htr in every st. and 3htr in ch3 sp.

Row 4: repeat row 2, tr, on top of tr of 2 rows below and ch3 between.
continue to repeat rows 1 and 2 until the length required

Don't you just love the ease of a random dyed yarn, no ends to deal with, well almost none.
My scarf is about a ball...200grams. and I used a 4mm hook not a 5mm as recommended.


  1. Loads of wool at Lidl too, this week. Some of it 100% New Zealand Wool. I love the colourway of the Wizz - it's very you, Sue.

    1. Hi there was wasn't there.....Phil groans every time I home in on it lol
      Thanks x

  2. I want to shop for yarn in person, so I can feel it and see the true color. Shopping exclusively online is tough when you are new to all those yarns out there today! I had received an acrylic "soft" 4 med yarn in a kit of the month club, and just started ordering that yarn. I need more colors, and branched out to a well-known brand that was the same specs., but a larger skein for the same money. Gads, it feels AWFUL! I guess the missing word was "soft". But, with my yarn budget spent, I've been stuck with it. What does wool yarn feel like? I've felt cotton and worked with it, but not wool. It sounds scratchy to me. Is it? Any fave 4ply for online ordering that is soft, unravels nicely, and doesn't pill? I have a gift card for Walmart I got for Christmas, and want to buy enough yarn online for a wrap or shawl with enough yarn left over for fringe, or a big, ornate border if I so chose. I could use any info, as I know pretty much nothing about what's out there. Thx!!

  3. Hi, like most yarn acrylic or wool some can be soft some not, merino is usually quite soft in the wool lines , this Wizz yarn is acrylic and not as soft a some but Ok. Wool makes me itch so I don't use a lot of it. Alpaca is usually very soft but expensive....you are right though and really need to feel a lot of yarns so you get what you want exactly. Cottons are nearly always softish and don't make people itch so always a good buy.
    Hope that helps a bit but a visit is really what you need to do.
    Hugs x

  4. Hello Sue! I am new to your blog (via Elizabeth at Thomasina Tittlemouse) and I too love using the Wizz Arran. The blue/plum/pink colourway worked really well on a knitted spiral scarf I made quite some time ago so I was really pleased to find LOTS of the orange one in Aldi last week. It has joined the rest of the stash for the moment with no particular plans for use, but, after seeing your flowers and the mesh scarf just now, I may start on something similar when my current work is finished.
    Thank you for the inspiration and I look forward to seeing your other creations!