06 February 2014

Vintage crochet as inspiration...and a design Dilemma?

Not everyone can look at a picture of a crochet motif and crochet it from the picture without a pattern...Vintage patterns have no copyright and I do use old patterns myself as inspiration.
The one below is from the 1970's......All I had was a picture, no pattern so this is my version of the design in my yarn choice and colour....
Love the secondary pattern that just happens when they are all joined together....
A couple of days back someone sent me a picture of a throw, a beautiful throw. She had tried to buy the pattern with no luck.
I tried to be fair and help but said I couldn't pass on the pattern as this person was selling the made up motif as a throw and trying to make a living at crochet...fair I thought?
I found the same motif was out there with some well know crochet artists as their own design, I found it as a motif for sale, for free, in a WELL KNOWN magazine and in a
WELL SOLD book as a hexagon version....wow!
Who owned this design or was it an old motif that had been copied and tweaked, or was it the yarn, colour and how it was put together, that had made it theirs?
To me it was a very recognisable design and they all looked similar but slightly different, 
I did my own version,  making the second round longer and much more open and the third round chunkier, I used my colour choice and my yarn choice.......so does that make it mine or a design dilemma ?
a few of the versions I found.........on the net, in a magazine, for free and in a book...
my version is bottom right
Do you know where the ORIGINAL comes from please?
 Let me know if you do, I would be very interested to find out as it is all over the net and publishing world all being claimed as their own design?
Interesting don't you think?


  1. Unfortunately I can't help you solve this dilemma, I'm sorry, what I can tell you is I love your work with that 70s pattern, the secondary pattern reminds me of snowflakes... :)

    1. Hi...my son thought it looked like a daisy....great pattern though
      Glad you like the crochet, my passion lol thanks x

  2. Lovely.....love your version! Seems like everyone has their own twist on
    a pattern, color, adaptation, technique, or even borders, how it is connected
    etc... You do lovely work. Thanks for all you do.

    1. I think you could be right there...so many versions of the same design out there.
      thanks x

  3. Any chance of you sharing the pattern for that Vintage at the top? - I'm not one of those who can figure it out - yet....but this is so beautiful!

    1. Hi sorry but something based on this design will be on sale at the end of the year
      Thanks x