30 August 2014

Update on a HOMESPUN READERS version of my design

Hi Homespun,
On receiving my August copy of Homespun, as soon as I saw Sue Pinner’s "All That Brightly Blooms" crochet blanket, I just had to drop everything and make it. I changed the colours to suit me and I am thrilled with the result. I always finish my crochet blankets with crab stitch, I find it looks tidier, (on my work anyway).
I am an "O.C.C" ( Obsessive Compulsive Crafter!!) and my wool stash is as bad as my material stash ... It was certainly a way of using up some odd balls of yarn that I had. I have started on another crochet blanket, so Sue keep those patterns coming.
Regards Margaret McDonald.

A mail from Homespun arrive in the week, with a picture and a letter (above) from a delighted reader, who had made the throw from the August magazine....isn't it wonderful?
Well done Margaret McDonald

 Sorry the pictures won't size up

 Below is the original before I added the flowers, a black background version

Book 2 update
I'm about to post the next 5 designs for Book 2, that's 3/4 of the designs finished.
Going really well so far, almost finished, and really pleased with everything so far.

Sylecraft Life



  1. Congratulations on your pattern in Homespun Magazine! I haven't seen it available in the US yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. I'm really in love with these new stylecraft designs. I hadn't thought of pairing grey (one of my favorite colors to wear) with the Stylecraft packs. The grey gives it such a subtle look to it

    1. Hi thanks, we don't get it in the UK either, they sent me a copy and the throw is on it's way back home to me now they have finished with it, I have forgotten I got it back so looking forward to seeing it again.
      The grey does work really well, I loved it. It work well with a navy or black too.
      Hope you have a go with the grey and lots of colours, it really works well
      Hugs x

  2. Hi sue. I love the new stylecraft life designs. Can't wait for the book to be published. Keep up the good work. I tried to make it the the KnK group last week, I got to the museum door & I got called back to the studio (I sulked for the rest of the morning!!) I will hopefully make it one day!! Kelly ♡

    1. Hi Kelly, thanks almost there with the new book.
      Oh dear that's business for you hey?....used to have a shop and it was a 24/7 sort of life style. I don't miss it at all. Lol
      I wil try to pop in and see you this week although I need a hair cut and might not have the time, but I will next week if I don't make it this
      Hugs x