20 May 2015

Stylecraft Alpaca coat grows slowly...

I've managed with a heavy work load for May to add a few more squares to my new coat
its going to be a slow process but I won't want it until next Autumn Winter...

 I rather like the back of the piece too...

 Im also thinking I might add a flower to the back of it for decoration?...
Early days yet.
 1 Finger x 10 wraps

 16 sc
 2dc in each st
 ch loops of 2ch sts

 corners of 3dc ch2 3dc,
 sides of 2sc in 2 ch spa

 join as you go with a sl st in matching sps,

 Happy Hooking


  1. Love the centre of the square idea!

    1. Thanks Pat.....should be able to get more done soon XX

  2. Hi Sue,
    I'm a big fan of your work. I'm curious about the multi-layer flower (in the goldish color yarn above). I'd love to figure out how to do this one...
    I think I have an idea, but am not sure. Is there a pattern for this? I've searched the pages here and haven't found it yet...
    maybe it's in a book and not in a free pattern? I just really, really like that flower and think it would be an awesome accent in middle of afghan, etc....and would love to find out how to make.

    Hope you see this since it's (I think) an older post. I am trying desperately to learn...and through your tutorials and of others on the net, I've really 'come a long way' since returning to crochet a couple years ago.
    I am amazed at the sharing that goes on in this wonderful hooky community! I feel sort of like I've joined a new 'family' here - and not quite as much of an outsider.
    A hearty thanks to all....to name all would take all day. You, Sue, of course, are one. But so many. I think the first one I "met" when I started was Lucy over at Attic 24....and her designs and colors got me excited about crochet....Then I found you - and Dedri at "Look at What I Made" - and the list goes on and on and on...ALL are so appreciated!