07 July 2015

CROCHET: Baby Ripple Blanket Edging

 Finished the Baby Ripple with a simple Shell Stitch Edging keeping the ripple ends......if you spent time doing a ripple why fill in the ends?

ROUND 1: Attach yarn in the first corner sp (1st stripe), of straight side, 5dc (5tr) into the next sp, (2nd stripe),

 sc (dc), into next sp, (3rd stripe) 5dc (5tr) into next sp (4th stripe), 

repeat the shell pattern to the end of the straight side.
finish with a sc, (dc) in the last side sp (last stripe),

miss first two sts, 5dc (5tr) into the next st, miss 2st, sc (dc), into next st,

 miss 1st, 6dc (6tr), into the st at top point, miss 1st, sc (dc), into next st, miss 2sts, 5dc (5tr) into the next st, miss 2sts, 

sc (dc), into the botton st, (dip of ripple, the st that pulled the 3sts together) repeat the shell pattern to end of ripple end

Repeat shell pattern to the second side, repeat shell pattern to second ripple end sl st to complete. 

Cut and weave in end

 An easy 16sts repeat Ripple


  1. I love the edging to the baby ripple blanket. I just love ripples! So expressive and never boring!

    1. Hi Sandra, me too its just such a pretty baby blanket i felt in needed a pretty edging and there is nothing prettier than the shell stitch is there? hugs xx

  2. On my I do like the pretty border, lovely colours too. Pat x

    1. Thanks Pat..all it needed I think something simple just to finish it off x

  3. This is a sweet idea and I am so loving the touch of whimsy the flower adds! I'd never have thought of using that border on a ripple blanket! Thank you!

  4. I love the way this looks must try Thanks so much!