22 November 2015

12 Weeks of Gifting: Week 8 Mandala MAT

Limited edition or your own selection of dk
4mm hook
US Terms in black, UK Terms in red brackets

Change colour every round

Finger was of 10 wraps for padding.

Round 1: 12dc [12tr], into circle, sl st to complete.

Round 2: 2sc [2dc], in every st, sl st to complete.

Round 3: (4tr [4dtr], clusters over 2 sts), 2tr [2dtr], in the first 2sts, clustered tog, ch3, repeat for all petals, sl st to complete, repeat for 12 petals

Round 4: 4dc [4tr], in each ch3 sp, sl st to complete.

Round 5:start in the first dc [tr], of a group of 4, dc [tr], in each st, ch5, dc [tr], in next set of 4dc [tr], ch5, repeat to end, sl st to complete.

Round 6: att. yarn in middle sp, of 4dc [4tr], 4dc [4tr], ch3, 4dc [4tr] in next ch5 loop, sc [dc] in middle sp, of next 4dc [4tr], repeat to end, sl st to complete

Round 7: att. yarn in any point, sc [dc], in ch3 point, 5dtr [5ttr] into sc at dip, sc into point, repeat to end, els st to complete.

Round 8: att. yarn in the 3rd of the 5dtr [5ttr],  dc [tr], ch2, dc [tr],  dc [tr], in next 2sts, dc [tr] spike st into point of round 5, dc [tr], in next 2 sts, repeat to end, sl st to complete.

Round 9: att yarn in ch2 point, 2dc [2tr], ch3 2dc [2tr], in point, dc [tr], in next 3sts, miss a st (dip), dc [tr], in next 3 sts, repeat to end, sl st to complete.

Round 10: att. yarn in point, 2dc [2tr], ch3, 2dc [2tr], in point, dc [tr], in next 4 sts, miss 2sts, dc [tr], in next 4sts, repeat for all points, sl st to complete.

Round 11: att. yarn in point, 2dc [2tr], ch3, 2dc [2tr], dc [tr], in next 5sts, miss 2sts, dc [tr], in next 5sts, repeat for all points, sl st to complete.

Round 12: att. yarn in point, 2sc [2dc], ch3, 2sc [2dc], sc [dc] in next 7sts, ch 9, sc [dc], in next 7sts, repeat for all sides, sl st to complete.

Note: last round optional if you want to join the motifs together and make a throw you can use this round with the extra joining loops

link to download the Wrap Pattern in background of first picture


  1. This is lovely, Sue. I love the pointed edge and the blue and green together which I have always been fond of! Hope you're well!

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks a favourite of mine too...very well thanks, I will mail you this week xx

  2. Hi Sue I adore the background pattern, will there be any instructions for that too??
    thanks Linda

    1. Hi Linda, the wrap in the background will be week 10 next Sundays patterns hope that helps. X

    2. can you send me the whole pattern, i search and search

    3. Hi Jean, that is the whole pattern for the mandala? xx

  3. I can't find the background pattern. Are you able to direct me please?

    1. Hi Minna, the back ground pattern in the first picture do you mean? It's a Wrap pattern on my blog i will fond you the link and add it to the post xx