29 December 2015

Granny Shell Jacket on the hook

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and you are all enjoying the time off with the hook and yarn?
Struggled to get back into any particular project since Christmas but this is one I've been promising to make for a while.....

From my Blue Poncho turned Jumper pattern from a couple of years ago.

This WIP Jacket is mainly black with spots and stripes of colour and some added on motifs 
 and will look totally different from the blue jumper, this one is in a mix of yarns....acrylic, mohair and cotton worked together to make some interesting textures 
 I'm splitting the from to add in a button band and make a jacket with it
 if it was just the jumper pattern below is what both sides would have looked like this

 The Buttons will be the little doughnut buttons i made a couple of months back

This is the original pattern i am using....
a poncho pattern that i added wrist warmers too and turned into a jumper
in James C Brett Marble in two colours

Bit of an odd shape when you hold your arms out, but hangs beautifully and was well like by many when i wore it...been a bit warm this year so far to wear.

Also making a granny square skirt as a Birthday pressies for someone special 10 days to make it in...better get cracking 


  1. Love this poncho !!!
    (yes too warm a winter, to wear something like this ...)

    All the best for the new year !

    1. Hi Els, thanks make the yoke this morning then had to unpick and re make i'd done one to many rows of the shells...adding in more stitches than needed, re made to the bottom of the colours again so can crack on the the body and sleeve soon....making a granny square skirt too so one then the other until both finished. Happy NEW Year soon xx