10 September 2012


From a half made cushion, sorry the pictures aren't brill but it was so hard to get the detail of the centre to show up,in real life it looks lovely and textured that the camera seems unable to pick up easily.
I have a full pack of this yarn left so it will make a great throw for Bertie.....
sssshhhhhhh though 'cos I haven't told Phil. A Star for a star.lol

Did a bit of a time test on this one too, people always ask about how quickly I crochet?
So many things need to be considered but for this blanket I am crocheting:
17 dc, per minute, using a 6mm hook and chunky yarn 

When I picked it up again and decided to make  throw instead of a cushion, I did the first few rows with a 5mm hook....ooops the corners started to curl up?
 Only explanation was the hook size. So I tracked down an original photograph with a hook in the background, it was purple not yellow. 
Told me everything.

The week ahead...
Got myself a new haircut on Saturday morning, really have struggled to find a new hairdresser so I gave in and travelled back to my old home town and my old hairdresser...I got up Sunday morning and all I needed to do was run my fingers through it, it just fell into place...perfect. Thanks Barry 

Busy week at Bakewell all week, started with dinner last night, 6 old/new friends, Phil and 3 friends with their partners, they haven't seen each other for years, teenage pals originally.
Great evening we all seemed to get on really well, a promise to do it all again soon.

Today is a quite day, so a few hours on the star throw for me and no food or drink after 6 tonight...tomorrow morning I have a fasting blood test....an MOT for me, lol.

Then an exciting Wednesday, Thursday and may be Friday, at last we are having the new front door fitted and 3 oak ones inside. 
Light Oak with 3 small windows and a very long vertical door handle for the front. Can't wait

A touch of sciatica at the moment, falling asleep on the sofa most probably the cause.

The Book:
 I am told is on track and progressing well pattern checks have been completed, and the text editing will hopefully be completed tomorrow....the editor is soaking in a bath today she and her hubby did a 100 mile cycle ride yesterday, hope the soak does the trick for those aching limbs Judith. lol

Hugs x

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