02 January 2013

Granny Square A Pattern a week

Original Lace Granny from 2011

 4 mm hook and DK
5mm hook and Aran
6mm hook and chunky or mis 2 strands of dk to make your own blended chunky yarn
 US Terms

Magic circle col. 1
ROUND 1: cont. col 1, ch5, [counts as first tr and ch2 sp],  repeat tr, ch2, 7 more times, sl st to complete [8spokes]

ROUND 2: col. 2.  Corner Start: 2tr, ch3,  2tr, ch1, 2tr, ch1, repeat 4 times, sl st, to complete [6tr each side]

ROUND 3: col. 3 Corner start: 2tr, ch3,  2tr, in corner sp,  ch2, 2tr, in next sp, ch2, 2tr, in next sp, ch2, repeat 4 sides, sl st to complete. [8tr each side]
ROUND 4: JOIN AS YOU GO ROUND, col. 2, or cont. in same col. 5sc in corner sp, 1sc, in each of next two stitches, 2sc, in sp, 1sc, in next 2st, 2sc, in next sp, 1sc in next 2st, 2sc, in next space, 1sc in next 2st, repeat for all sides, sl st, to complete. [5sc in corners, 14sc each side]
This sample was made using a 5mm hook and chunky or 2 strands of DK worked as one

Do 3 rounds and join as you go on round 4. Sl st, after each st into matching stitch of first completed square...
or stop at round 2 and join in each sp with a sl st....

or mix them up...different hook size and yarn or mix with another GS.


  1. I like how it looks when you put different size squares together in one large block. It really makes this pattern POP. Thanks for the freebie!

  2. Where can you buy your book - would love to get a copy. I love your patterns.

    1. Hi Gracie, where are you? Amazon seems to be the most popular supplier, but Smiths on line and quite a few book stoes do it, if you go to the publishers site GMC Publications they will be able to tell you the nearest book shop if you live in the UK.
      Hope that helps?
      Hugs Sue x

  3. I just love this pattern and can't wait to use it, perhaps for a table runner or even a wall hanging. Thank you!

    Chain 3 sl.st. into circle. It seems as if these instructions are incomplete....is this a chain and join or a magic circle....I am not understanding....please help

    1. Hi..yes it's a 3ch, circle or you can use a magic circle which ever you prefere
      Hope that helps? x

  5. I love to try making this Granny Square pattern. I am still a beginner.
    I find that Crocheting Videos helps me understand the pattern better.
    Will you be making any videos of your patterns?

    1. Hi..it has been a thought but not got past a thought...never say never though.
      Good luck with the crochet. X