06 January 2013

Granny Hex version wk 2 2013....

Week 2 Granny Hex option...
I think I like the hexagon version of Granny wk 2 better than the square

UPDATE: I have made a slight change to the pattern for the hexagon version
by making the petals a little longer

dk and a 4mm hook

USA Terms UK Terms in red brackets

1 finger wrap of 4 wraps or Ch5, sl st into circle

Round 1: 12dc [12tr], into circle, sl st, to complete.

Round 2: new colour, dc [tr], in any sp between sts, ch2, dc [tr], into next sp, ch2, repeat in all sps, making 12 spokes, sl st into first ch sp.

Round 3: ch3, 4tr [4dtr], ch3, sl st into same sp, sc [dc], into next sp, sl st into next sp *ch3, 4tr [4dtr], ch3, sl st, into same st, sc [dc], in next ch sp, sl st into next ch sp, repeat from * until you have completed 6 Petals, sl st to complete. (6 petals)

Using join as you go at petal point.

perfect for a shawl, collar wrap or a top
happy hooking
It did turn into a crop top


  1. Those are beautiful. happy new year to you hope the year ahead is filled with laughter and fun ;-) dee x

    1. Thanks Dee..made a slight change to the original pattern.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too...hope its a good one xx