19 July 2013

A STOLE.?....or is it a wrap or shawl?

Not sure what the difference is really?..size may be?

And why am I making something to keep me warm in this heat?..lol

Hope everyone is coping with the heat wave we are in at the moment?...we are in the area with heatwave warnings..pheeeeew glad i have my shady swing space to crochet in.
My new what ever it is lol

It started out as a shawl but l liked the teeny tiny shawl but did it turn into a wrap or stole? 

It just developed while working on one of the club designs....some triangles turned into what I thought would be a shawl but after just 4 they looked great as a little stole/wrap just around the shoulders
I've added a row of flowers to the bottom and a simple tie fastener to the front....another version of whats becoming my signature circle/flower drop....this one is a padded version as you can see below...used as a tie

from just four motifs to a stole...

Very pleased with it any way and the wrap i am wearing some of my favourite colours

Happy hooking all 


  1. Wrap or stole love it looks great :)

    1. Hi thanks...what's in a name hey? Lol
      Hugs c

  2. I love the colours, Sue and the two little circular discs at the front attached to flowers as a fastening looks great!
    I love your summery keep-cool dress and your hair is looking very swish! ;)

  3. Cute!! I love the colours and flowers

  4. How lovely, I like it. Wishes Armi from Finland

  5. I love it and you look adorable.

  6. It's gorgeous, your crochet is gorgeous, and YOU are gorgeous!!!!
    Sitting here this morning with my hubby watching the British Open.
    xo Kris

    1. Thanks you're too kind lol....you.re a golfer then?
      Hugs xx

  7. I love it! The flowers really work great used like this!

  8. I love the flowers you added. What I really like also is the holder you have for your scissors. LOL. Very crafty.

    1. Hi thanks...spent half my life looking for my scissors until I put them on a crochet band around my neck now I sometimes wake up with them still around my neck lol

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Julie...thanks ready for my holiday at Christmas i think lol
      Hugs x