29 September 2015

CROCHET: Felted hat

Made from my favourite brand of felting wool....
GRUNDL:  Four Seasons, Filzwoole Pop 

in two shades 75 and 76, Made in a spiral using the colours alternately in SC spiral
Using an 9mm hook
Worked in a Spiral of sc sts.
Magic circle in first colour 
ROUND 1:  first col, 6 sc into magic circle, dont sl st to complete the round but attatch the second colour mark last st with a st marker...6sts
ROUND 2: 2sc in each st, until you have 12 sts, and reach the st marker...12sts
ROUND 3: Pick up first colour and do 1sc in each st, move st marker.....12sts
ROUND 4: Pick up 2nd colour, 2sc in each st, move st marker....24sts
ROUND 5-12: Repeat the alternating colours and the alternating increase of 12 sts on each round until you have 60sts......60
ROUND 13: Increase one sc st, every 10 sts....66 sts
From ROUND 14 to the length you need approximately another 20/22 rounds I made this one with quite a deep turn back but you can make it to suit.
Then pop it in the washing machine with normal washing powder and a pair of jeans for friction, 40deg wash....IT WILL SHRINK ABOUT A THIRD.
While wet mold it to the shape you require, I popped mine on a ixing bowl to dry on the radiator over night.....
the bowl was a tight fit on my head.

it could just as easily be made into a bag by adding a strap

Featured in Vogue Knitting and Crochet a couple of years ago...cant find the magazine at the moment but as soon as i can i will add the feature


  1. Gorgeous. Does the yarn have to be 100 % wool and what weight is it? Thanks x

    1. 100% wool and one that is designed to felt and shrink, not a treated wool, it won't work on super wash wool x