09 September 2015


Necklaces and bracelets under the sun.....delicate, colourful and quick to make

ch 120, sc [dc], over a bead, into the next 2 sts, rep. sl st into the first st sew off end
wraps 3 times around your wrist of makes a necklace
lots of variations to play with 

 ch 5 add 3 beads, repeat approx. 23 times sl st into first stitch sew off ends

 start with a tiny flower:
  1finger wrap of 6 wraps, 
round 1: 12 sc {dc} into circle
round 2: ch2,1dc in first st, 1dc ch2, into second st, repeat for 6 petals. sl st, to complete
CONTINUE: ch5 add a bead, ch5, add a bead, rep, to required length approx. 24 beads.
sl st to complete sew ends to flower

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