05 March 2012

Going to add some flowers

Remember these from October last year? Remembered the orange edged one so I dug them out from under the debris in my craft room that seems to have appeared again!...oops

Won't they look great applied to the new tweedy mix 'what ever it turns into project'...
I was inspired by the swap I received from Jan...need to make more of the orange ones I think

Enjoy your day hugs x


  1. You're 'barking right up my tree' now...so to speak! ^_^ I LOVE crocheted flowers!! I love making and looking at them!

  2. The flowers look great with your tweedy mix project - very pretty. :)

  3. Love the flowers and your swap was wonderful. HAve a wonderful day Sue,

  4. Wow they look gorgeous all together like that what a great abundance of beautiful colour ;-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  5. Thanks everyone about to make a few n oranges and red inspired by the colours of Jan's teeny tiny swap 'necklace ones'
    Enjoy your day x

  6. Came searching for you from Ravelry...looking for your patterns ...especially the bathmat and the diagonal cushion!! Loving the bobble squares too!!

    SassySean on Ravelry

  7. Wow I'm raving over these flowers!! Do you sell your work anywhere?