08 March 2012

The book and first projects wanted already...

Love to blog and share projects but sorry to say I really am going to have to take a few weeks out, might even be a couple of months....the matter of a Book and one or two projects wanted already

Hope you will all be here when I get back?

I will try to pop in but...
having tried that one over the last few weeks, it's not getting the job done. 
So I think I need to crack the whip and get my act together..don't you?

We booked our Birthday celebration holiday...in about 6 weeks time so a lot needs to be completed by then
Wish me luck...I really need it

After the excitement of being asked to do the book the fear and self doubt grabbed me by the throat...
and oh! how it can paralyse you

Sending you all love and thanks for all the support, I'll be back
Just not sure when lol
hugs to all x


  1. So excited for you Sue!! Can't wait to see what your adventures bring to fruit as you always share such wonder and warmth through your blog. Will miss your posts in my reader, and will surely be waiting for your return!!!

  2. Hello Sue, GOOD LUCK with your book project! Let go of the fear and the self doubt, they're only a story you invented in your head!
    "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong" Joseph Chilton Pearce.... now, where have I read that before?!!!
    You are the right person to create a book and I know that the ideas will just come galloping in!

  3. We will all be here when you get back. Have a super holiday and good luck with the book. hugs dee xx

  4. Hey Sue, we will you all the good luck in the world... it will be a great book, i'm sure of that!!!!
    Will I be there when you come back???? offffffff courssssssse :-))) good luck. hugs xxx

  5. Ofcourse I'll be here when you return!
    Good luck and try to enjoy this busy live too.

  6. Go! Go! With your book! Wish it was me......I THINK! O_O ^_^ We'll be here when you get back!

  7. Fear and self doubt...NASTY demons! Indeed, they DO paralyze! I tell my daughter that all the time! Of course, we'll be here when you return. Do what you need to do - and shine at it! You'll be great. Warm wishes. Annette

  8. You have our support, for certain! Fear and doubt are natural responses to such a huge undertaking, but just take it one day at a time. We will all be thinking about you and sending good creative, productive vibes your way!

  9. Wow a book! Very exciting! Have fun doing it :)

  10. Good luck with your book. Best wishes, Pj x

  11. Good luck! Not that you need it. Your designs and colour sense are so wonderful, and boy, do you communicate well!!!! Enjoy the new adventure, and can I reserve my copy now, please?

    Incidentally, Abigail Patner Glassenberg was asked to do a book about her birds, and blogged some of the process, which was all new to her, too. This is her blog. http://whileshenaps.typepad.com/whileshenaps/In case you