04 March 2012

The 3 keys to HAPPINESS....

LivingOrSurviving.com  always a good read and always makes sense to me...

I found my old sewing needle case I made years and years ago...note to self 
must do more embroidery

Something but not sure what  (I just know it is for me this time) is emerging from this project
might be a giant scarf or a wrap or it might be a jacket but it has my name on the label 

  The three keys to HAPPINESS..click for more 
1. Something to do
2. Something/someone to love
3. Something to hope for
Not always easy to do but always important to remember 
the kindle cosy has been very useful..just the right size for little shopping trips it is...

Enjoy your Sunday where ever you are x

1 comment:

  1. Sue really love the needle case you made and the crochet - goes without saying on that. But the colour combo and swirl on the needle case is just really lovely. :)