23 July 2012

Crochet Mandala cushion almost finished

All I need to do is a fastening...thinking zip, but it will have to wait now until next week
things to do

The Cushion Back

I wanted a quick to make cushion back, so went with one colour and used a pattern I make drinks mats with.
A few coasters.
Shell stitch edging to the cushion...a favourite.
A circular cushion pad from an old square one.

Back to normal daily post next week but for now I've got a Mandala pattern to write and a book to finish.

Enjoy your week everyone, looks like it might be another nice day here.
Hugs to all x


  1. Looking forward to your mandala pattern! It is beautiful!!

  2. I love those cushions there gorgeous. I love the shape and the pattern and the colours you have used. I might have to have a go at doing a circle one i struggle following patterns sadly but i will have to try and make a huge circle after seeing these ;-)) dee x