20 July 2012


Just lately there seem to be a lot of quite decorative Mandalas around in blogland, very interesting.

So I did a bit of research and found that
they are based on post stitch and have origins in Aran crochet.
It seems that Melody MacDuffee is the crochet artist who first started to make these sort of intricate Mandalas back in 2003
Some of her patterns are really intricate the over lay is very detailed

Thought I would have a go at a Mandala and a bit of post stitch

Personally I think mine looks more like a crochet version of Fair Isle  and very like a Fair Isle Beret 
both knitting patterns are from Debbie Bliss patterns on Laughing Hens

Works for me and a technique I will use a lot I'm sure.
It looks complicated and intricate but it is real easy to add post stitch to a Mandala and they are a 
great deal of fun to make 

Hugs to all x


  1. I love your mandala! Lovely pattern and a lovely colourmix!

  2. Hi Suz,
    Love your mandala pattern. Can't wait for your book to come out because I wanna make some of those pretty things as well (especially interested in the type of yarn you're using).
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi SUE, this is just lovely and the post stitch adds such a creative texture don't you think? Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Wow. I've just been having a catchup with the bits I'd missed. Looking great Suz.
    A x

  5. I once knitted a Fair Isle Sleeveless Pullover for a boyfriend which I gave to him on the Xmas Eve of that year. Guess what?He dumped me that night and swanned off to meet his new paramour wearing the pullover!I've never tackled Fair Isle since but could be tempted for a Mandala! Will the pattern be in your book, Suz?I just did a Mandala using some vintage 4ply crepe I found in my local craft shop but it was AWFUL to work with and is reflected in the quality of my work! The recipient was very pleased with it though.

  6. Très joli mélange de couleurs pour ce mandala !
    Bon dimanche.

  7. Wow, I really love the colours you used, they are my favourites. A beautifull mandala, greetings Francien

  8. How awesome would a mandala rug be!!

  9. Beautiful work! I love your color choices.

  10. Your mandala is beautiful... I do so love the colours you have used they really make it pop... <3

  11. love this one

    hugs jenneke

  12. Are you going to post pattern for this? - or will it be in your book? This is certainly the most beautiful, most intricate of the mandala's I've seen....and it does remind me of Aran Isle. Beautiful work!

    1. Hi this post is almost two years old...look in August 2012 posts to find the pattern...listed on the side bar
      Glad you like it
      Hugs x