28 August 2013

A project from My Book Granny Squares.

Soon there is going to be a giveaway on All Free Crochet and American site but open to all
They will be doing a review on my book and a lucky reader can win a copy of the book and a free 12 month subscription to the GRANNY SQUARES pattern club too.
I will add more details as soon as I know more

A project made from my book...GRANNY SQUARES
Thanks for sharing Elizabeth yours is a beautiful version..love it so much.

Elizabeth writes a lovely blog if you have a few minutes go and take a peek.


  1. I love the notebook cover done by Elizabeth from your Granny Squares book!
    I went over to Mrs Tittle-mouse to go and say hello!

  2. Gorgeous isn't it?...one of my favourite colours lime green
    Hugs both x