08 September 2013

Pick and mix...

A pick and mix selection...just a few grannies lying around

and a garden seat cover that was never finished


  1. I've just had a brainwave about your UFO's Sue! Sarah London sells her unfinished and half-started projects on Ebay and by all accounts, they go like the proverbial. You could do that too.
    ps I won a 'First' at a Flower Show for my Fair Isle Mandala Cushion Cover, only thing was, it was in Wales so I couldn't collect my winning card in person, it was posted to me and I left my cushion cover there to be sold for Marie Curie Cancer funds.Have to do another one soon.

  2. Hehe..thanks for the suggestion, I need a free week to get them all out and see what could be done with them..bags and bags of samples...I keep putting it off.
    But definitely a thought.
    Well done you on the win....you did mail me about the win, I was most impressed.
    What competition was it?
    Hugs x

  3. I love that seat cover so much! Love it. What is that motif called? Gorgeous use of color! I have a chair outside I sit in year round that needs a cover so I can get my black robe back.

    1. Hi thanks.....just a basic dc granny square don't think it has a name sorry
      Hugs x

  4. Ciao, i tuoi lavori sono bellissimi complimenti...
    Un bacio...