14 October 2015

CROCHET: Base chain made easy

Want to eliminate the dreaded base chain?

Do you struggle with the fiddle of working into a base chain? 

Hate the tightness of the first row of your blanket? 

Base chains that twist? 

Eliminate chain stitches that aren't always easy to see.

Make the very first row of your blanket easy and fun.

I Know I was very happy to learn this stitch many years ago, hope you will find base chains fun to do from now on

Make a simple ch/sc base that will have elasticity, eliminate the dreaded and sometimes tight base chain that is always a fiddle to work into.

Not worked from left to right but at the end, when complete it is used in exactly the same as a base chain.


sl st on hook


 insert hook into 2nd ch from hook, 

yo, pull back through st, 2 loops on hook 

yo, pull through first st only, [basically make a ch st]

yo pull through both sts on hook
first st complete


insert hook into the last base st, 

yo, pull back though st, 2 loops on hook,

yo pull through first st only, [basically made a ch st]

yo pull through both sts on hook

2nd st complete

repeat until you have the length required.

turn and continue with the next st.

No tight base chain, an easy second row
now a fun stitch to do.....

It turns the often, tight base chain, that makes the next row of crochet a fiddle to do into an easy time saving base stitch, 

especially if you are making blankets with a 200 or 300 base chain.

It can also be used as a cord.


  1. Excellent tutorial and so easy to follow Sue. Thanks for such an easy short cut tip :) Linda

    1. Hi Linda, thanks can mae a long run a lot easier to do xx