04 October 2015

Stylecraft Blog Tour: All the Christmas presents you could wish for

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the fabulous blog tour so far?

There have been some fabulous projects, free patterns
 and give away yarn packs already.

The colours....all suggested by Stylecraft Special Fans a few weeks ago.

Duck egg 
was the winner, a lovely delicate shade
from 10 colour finalists
This Blog tour has shared the wonderful colour pack and what 
you can do with it with it

This Limited Edition pack can be yours so enter the competition


have a go, click the link...its a great yarn pack to win
You have to be in it to win it girls

Then come back and see how much fun I have had with this fabulous 
pack of 10 x 50g balls of special

I have teased you with a few samples over the last few days...
but what did I actually make with the Limited Edition pack?

I hope you don't think its over kill, but I loved the colours you all picked so much I just couldn't stop....
All the colours work beautifully together
 or you could add a couple of colours like spice and magenta and a purple shade
or split the pack into two colour groups

I, like you, have all been saying...we want them all in the fabulous 
Stylecraft Special range...please Stylecraft

Each item is only a few grams in weight so most can be made in a few hours.....

 and struggled to decide on what would be the best project...
I couldn't pick one over the other so over the next few weeks
 I will share
 all of the patterns with you..

Exotic flowers and a granny flower or two..
could be added as a decoration or joined together to make a blanket...

I'm calling this one 
its my version of the Suffolk Puff 
a small double layered puff that gives a wonderful warm motif....
personally I like the colours mixed with Charcoal or Oatmeal Life best black was to harsh, and cream too in your face....grey works too

The pack mixed with a back ground colour would make a great Chrysanthemum Blanket
weight would be approximately 845g and measure 39" 100cm square
this collage has a couple of extra colours in it...

a stool pad 190g

A Shopper 190g

This side of the shopper has a couple of extra colours added...but the other side is just the pack

Love my shopper had lots of compliments already

chrysanthemum shopper 190g

A Chrysanthemum Bag it was

but there was lots left over...so a mini purse to go with it

I was having so much fun with this pack and there was still lots left over.
I gave myself a couple of hours every morning to enjoy this lovely yarn pack
I made buttons a couple of grams each 
Jewellery, cowls, mittens, a beret from my new book 
Beret 74g

and lots more

and still lots left...
mittens 52g 
by adding a couple of balls of Charcoal grey and Oatmeal life it went a very long way
Cowl 52-68g phone bag 38g...I never know where my phone is...i do now!

flower scarf...65g just had to do something flowery

and still lots left...beads 40g, to go with the purse 38g
then I was thinking Christmas presents, this pack would make lots of Christmas presents

Snuggly bed socks 65g
always a great present

Make a matching pair, go mad with stripes or make a pretty, delicate,
 one, colour pair with the duck egg maybe?
so out of a single pack...All the Christmas presents you could want.
Cowls 52-64g each

Fun bracelet 28g, necklace 40g

My favourite the chunky necklace and bracelet to go with the 
Chrysanthemum Shopper and mini purse
purse 38g
necklace 40g

The Beret Pattern is on page 77 of my new book 
Granny Squares and Shapes...with one or two small changes 
I will add the changes in a beret post

circles in a mesh hex and some of my favourite 'holes' all work in this yarn pack
 lots of fun experiments....below the Chunky Monkey Flower 
with additional rounds to turn it into a star blanket

Open 10am until 11pm October 4th 2015

Chunky Monkey Flower added to a bag 
make a matching set 
a fun gift 

Christmas 12: 12 weeks of gifting
But pop back regularly to see what the next pattern will be
 everyone and Good Luck with the last 2 yarn packs

Thanks to Cherry Heart for 
yesterdays pattern
Tomorrow will be the last day and it will be with the lovely 
can't wait to see what the final project will be

watch this space to come...
details to follow


  1. Love...love...love all the items so need this yarn. Love the stitch but have been told not to buy book so think it may have been bought as a Christmas present x

    1. Hi Marie...oooh! hope so and do hope you enjoy it lots...enter the comp and you might have a pack of yummy yarn colours too...spread the word get your family to enter for you too? Good luck xx

  2. Wowzers! What a fabulous lot of goodies you've made. You certainly had fun playing around creatively with this yarn pack.

    1. Hi Lekki...with a doubt, once i got going i couldn't stop and there is more i haven't shared yet too...again have a go at the competition its work adding you name to the list in it to win it hey? Good luck xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Nana...have a great Sunday..dont forget to enter the competition, Good Luck xx

  4. I really enjoyed your blog post and all your creative makes! Very inspiring and wonderful eye candy. Awesome, thanks very much for the yummy crochet smorgasbord :-)))))

    1. Thanks MicT, Good luck with the competition

  5. Must learn to crochet. Must learn to crochet. Must learn to crochet. !!!! Zxx

  6. Oh my goodness what a beautiful blog full of colour! I LOVE chrysanthemum bag what a joy! Thank you for sharing & can't wait for the pack to be available

    1. Thanks...so pleased you enjoyed the blog tour post x

  7. the bag, the socks, the mitts, wow all beautiful.....so many items, you are so creative!

    1. Thanks Karen, patterns to follow over the next 12 weeks x

  8. Wow! So many beautiful and inspirational things. You are amazing! I cannot pick just one item to make! Thank you so much for all your creativity!

    1. Hi Josie, thanks its my pleasure, hope you have enjoyed doing the bog tour too? once i got started i couldn't stop lol x

  9. This is amazing! Wonderful, cheerful colours!
    Today I discovered your blog and became your new follower on Bloglovin'!
    I can look around here for ages!
    Greetings from Belgium, Sigrid

    1. Thank you Sigrid, hope you find lots to enjoy