04 October 2015

12 WEEKS OF GIFTING Week 1: Suz Socks

Bed socks in 
Stylecraft Special Limited Edition Yarn pack
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US Terms in black, UK Terms in red brackets
Special dk Limited Edition Yarn Pack
4mm hook

Basic Pattern
US Terms in black UK Terms in red brackets
65g of yarn to make a pair 
4mm hook

Round1: sc [dc], in the second st from the hook, sc [dc], in next 8sts, continue to crochet down the other side of the ch sts, sl st to complete. (16sts)

Round 2:sc [dc], in first st, sc [dc], in next 7sts, 
3sc [3dc], in the end sts, sc [dc], in next 8sts, 3sc [3dc], in the end st, sl st to complete (21sts)

Round 3:sc [dc], in first st, sc [dc], in next 8sts, 3sc [3dc], in end st, sc [dc], in next 9sts, 3sc [3dc], in next st, sc [dc], in last st, sl st to complete. (26sts)

Round 4: sc [dc], in next 10 sts, 3sc [3dc], in end sts, sc [dc], in next 11sts, 3sc [3dc], in end st, sc [dc], in last 2 sts, sl st to complete.  cut off and weave in end. (30sts)

Round 5-9: sc [dc], in every st, sl st to complete, cut and weave in ends (30sts)

Round 10-20: change colour every round, 

1dc [1tr], in each st, sl st and cut off weave in ends to complete (30sts)

In Stylecraft Special I only need to to do 11 rows of dc [tr]to fit my foot
A difference from the original pattern. 
Because you change colour every row, alternate the joining from side to side so the extra thickness of woven in ends is spread around the sock and not in one area only.

Round 21: Lie the sock flat and mark with a stitch marker or yarn the 2 side stitches, 14 sts between each markers 

Attach yarn in the first marked st.

ch15 loosely, 

sl st into the second marked st, ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 1dc [1tr], in next 14sts, cont. to dc [tr], in next 15ch sts, sl st, to complete. 

(15ch sts, then 30dc [30tr])

Rounds 22: dc [tr], in every st, sl st to complete (30sts)

Round 23-30: repeat round 22. (30sts)

Rounds31-32:Turn and Continue to do 3 more rounds in the last colour to turn back as a cuffed top
Round 33: in the last round add 2 extra dc [tr], one extra in the first st and one extra in the last st, to give correct st count to do 8 shells. (32sts)

Round 34: a round of 8 x 5dc [5tr], shells in every 4st.
cont. miss a st 5dc [5tr], into next st, miss a st, sl st into next st repeat to end. sl st to complete sew off ends

for the Knitters 
Pick up the 30 sts with a knitting needle and rib for approx. one inch/2.5cm

Lengthen the sock foot or top by adding a few more rounds if you require

You can add more rounds if you want longer socks, but if you have bigger calves you could find you need to add a few stitches to make for a comfortable fit

mark the 2 corners of heel.
2tog sts...one each side of the marker.

Round 1: Pick up the 30sts with a sc [dc], in each st, sl st to complete. (30sts)

Round 2: crochet 2sctog, [2dctog], in each corner, sl st to complete. (28sts)

Round 3-9: Repeat round 2.

leave a long end and stitch the opening together with a flat st.

lots of fun to be had with the stripes.

Pair of socks weighs just 65g and can be made in less than a day.....

that's a lot of socks from the 
Limited Edition PACK!

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Good luck


  1. Thank you for the pattern may have to have a go at these xx

    1. hope so Marie...... easy and quick to make have fun x