08 May 2013

NEW 12 PETAL DAISY...no back ground

12 Petal Daisy join as you go with no background creates a lovely pattern in the spaces too.
Think out of all the May 12 petal daisy versions this is my favourite and I plan to make a throw with it.
I have already made a diamond of 9 Daisies so far,
quick and easy to make.
might make it my banner for The 8th Gem
Knit and Natter today and after a lovely few days it's pouring this morning...won't be walking to town then!
Happy Hooking x


  1. Gorgeous daisies, Sue! Love them! Yes, there's something very appealing about the spaces between the joined flowers - lovely! E x

    1. Thanks...the spaces show up even better when you have a diamond.
      Hugs x

  2. The daisies really look fun all joined up. I find they would make a lovely over-cloth that way, sort of hanging over the edges of a base cloth on a round table!