12 June 2015

CROCHET: A Solid Granny Square.....

Plain solid colours or blended yarns for extra depth and texture, joined with a light or dark colour..endless possibilities for the solid granny square

First solid granny square variations and blended yarns
from February 2012 below

Solid Granny Square variations
Tweedy Solid Granny Squares....either use a tweed yarn, there are many fabulous yarns to pick from or you can mix sock wool with dk....which is how i made these squares.

Happy Hooking


  1. I love the old fashioned granny square blankets with the black on the outside and I have a few that I've picked up at thrift stores but I want to make my own. I have this terrible obsession with blankets too. I love them and that's what I usually want to make. What's up with that? I like the idea of the reverse that you did with black centers and colors on the outside too.

    1. thanks...how many do you have in your collection then? So many variations on the colour combo's for a solid granny square x