13 June 2015

Crochet String Bag....Tales from a Happy House

Only just seen this posting on 
Tales from A Happy House 

Go take a peek at Gillians lovely bag

She has made the String bag from my book Granny Squares, (page 76 for the pattern) and taken some beautiful picture

Thanks Gillian for a lovely write up abut the pattern and the string bag...hope its  still shopping with you
Love to experiment with different yarns and i have made several string bag over the years
sc string bags
 peg pots made in string...

  and one or two string stool covers too
the string I like the best is 50p a ball in packs of 4 from B&M Stores

Happy Hooking 


  1. The only question I have is are they washable or does the string shrink? My market bags get washed quit a bit and I would love to make some like that but would need to ensure washability. I love yours though...the color and the design!

    1. Hi Sam....Yep, in the washer on 40degrees no problem, they come out like new
      thanks x

  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful book and pattern! I've used your book so much and it's a real favourite. And the bag gets used most days too. x

    1. No Thank You for a lovely write up and fabulous pictures of the bag..I've made several for friends not got one myself though..typical..
      I love your pictures better than in the book..... sssshhh! don't tell the publisher x

  3. Love your bag! Where do I find the patern?

    1. Hi Jane, it says at the top of the post....my book Granny Squares by Susan Pinner