08 June 2015

Solid Granny Square Pillow..of 48 squares and join as you go

I finally got round to sharing the basic solid granny square pattern for the pillow I made some weeks ago...

Pillow 2 and 3 won't be long off completion with doing the decking a week or so ago, outside my work room, I decided that I needed three pillows to go on the seating.

 I've played around with this colour and that but decided in the end the red and plums and oranges worked best in this little cosy crochet corner of the garden
 And three pillows to go against the wall and at one end of the day bed we built to cover the recycling bins was just what was needed
 the circular cushions work great too but I wanted a more comfortable side and end....and 2pillows fit perfectly across the bed
link to circular cushion pattern here

Basic solid Granny Square Pattern Pillow
3 pillow fit perfectly around the day bed

US Terms in Black UK Terms in red
4mm hook
80g in 12 DK colours for one side of a pillow, 24squares
160g for both sides, 48 squares.

320g for the 96 squares: 2 complete pillows.

350g of dk in a background colour for one pillow 
700g dk for both pillows....

Basic solid Granny Square Pattern.
There are variations on this solid granny square pattern but this combination of stitches will give you a nice flat square.

I'm a lover of the finger wrap these days, it used less yarn than ch sts, and there is no end to deal with....

one finger tight wrap of 5 wraps

Round 1:ch2 counts as the first dc (tr), 2 more dc (2tr), ch3, [3dc (3tr), ch3,] rep [ ]twice more, sl st to complete. (3dc, (3tr) each side)

Round 2: Continue in the same colour.
ch2 counts as first dc (tr), 1dc (1tr), in the next 2sts, 2dc (2tr) ch3, 2dc (2tr), in the corner space, [1dc (1tr) in next 3sts, 2dc (2tr) ch3 2dc (2tr) in next corner sp], repeat [ ] to end, sl st to complete. (7dc, (7tr) each side) 

Round 3: Continuing with the same colour means you will be starting round 3, 2sts in from the corner 
ch2 counts as first dc (tr),

 1dc (1tr), in the next 4sts, [2dc, (2tr) ch3, 2dc, (3tr) in the ch3 corner sp, 1dc in next 7sts,] rep [ ] for all sides,
 finish with 2dc (2tr), ch3 2dc (2tr), in the last corner sp, and the last 2dc (2tr) of first row, sl st, to complete, 
cut and weave in ends. (11dc (11tr) each side)

Make 2 x 12 colours for each side of the pillow....24 squares a pillow side.

4th Joining round
You could just complete this round on each square in the background colour and stitch your squares together but I much prefer the detail stitch you get from 'join as you go' and having spend many years sewing I prefer to crochet my squares together.

Round 4: change colour, start in a ch3 corner sp, attach yarn ch 2 as first dc (tr), 1dc (1tr), more, ch3, 2dc, (2tr), in corner sp, [1dc (1tr), in next 11sts, 2dc (2tr) ch3, 2dc in corner sp,] repeat [ ] for all sides, sl st to complete cut off and weave in ends. (15dc (15tr) each side) 

Complete the first square as above....then do round 4 on the first side of the second square 

when you get to the corner ch3, ch1, use the second ch st as a sl st into the corner of the first square, complete the ch3, with the last ch1 st, continue to do dc, (tr) sl st into matching st of first square until you reach the end of the row.

 ch1, sl st, into second corner of first sq, ch1, 

complete the second square as a normal round 4.

Make a front and a back of 24 squares each, 6rows of 4 squares
place wrong sides together and sc (dc), in every stitch matching the stitches of the two 

leaving one short end of the pillow open, 
add 4 rows of sc (dc) to one side of the opening as a button band, this sits inside the on end of the pillow
add 5 buttons evenly spaced to the button band,

use the spaces between the dc (tr) as button holes.


  1. Awesome tutorial and it just so happens I am making some solid granny squares mostly because I am so tired at the end of the day that is all I have the energy for! LOL! I have the pattern memorized so I can just pick it up and go (in bed and watching t.v....lol!) I like your wrap method. I've not seen that before so I need to try it. Your JAYG pictures are great as I have been wanting to try that but haven't understood how it worked but I think I get it now with your excellent tutorial. Thank you so much! I love your "day bed" and your patio looks so comfy!

    1. Hi...know what you mean any where any time lol..yep the wrap method is an old Irish Crochet method but i was one of the first to use it in modern crochet..lots of copiers now though lol....thanks and glad you have found it useful. the decking is a real cosy space we love it from a wasted garden space thanks again xx

  2. Huge thanks for this inspiration and pattern. I am just learning myself how to crochet and I just can't wait until I'm good enough to be able to "do" a square xx

    1. Hi Irene....good to hear you are learning to crochet hope you feel inspired on my blog xx