09 June 2015

Solid Granny Square Pillow and Cushion free pattern

If you want to make a set of cushions using the same pattern as the pillow, in the solid granny square, then make fronts and backs of 4x4=16 squares.

The original pillow I made, I actually joined it with Aran weight yarn,
 giving a slightly chunkier looking band to each square.
Both weights of yarn mixed work well and both seem to fit a standard pillow well, i found all my pillows were all slightly different anyway so you can find one that fits better if they make up slightly different.

The Aran yarn weighed quite heavy, so to give you more accurate weights i am making the second pillow totally in DK
and the weights below will give you more accurate weights in DK.


All weights are approximate and slightly more than you will need dependant on your tension

6squares weigh approx. 20g
10squares 32g
12squares 40g
12squares joined together weigh 70g
working on all the figures you will need approx. 15g to make 4,
 3 round coloured squares.

Approx. 160g to join 48square (pillow) together plus a few more grams for the button band and to join the front to the back.
For a complete pillow you will need 2 balls of background yarn
and approx. 15g x 12 colours for 48squares enough to make a complete pillow

By adding just 4 rows to one side of the open end will give you a button band that pops inside the pillow or cushion 

 space you 5 colourful button evenly across the button band
 and use the joining dc (tr), stitch spaces as button hole how easy is that?

 just push the button band inside the cushion, you can put a couple of stitches in the cornes but it isn't necessary i find, but you might prefer the look

Hope that helps when working out how much yarn you might need for a couple of pillows or a set of cushions

Maybe you prefer a blue version?
Same CONSTRUCTION....12 shades by 2 each for one side

Happy Hooking

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