06 August 2012

Block stitch in the round bag..

Totally hooked on the block stitch now I know the easy way to do it lol
trying a small sample a bag for my Kindle possibly, in the round with a no sew bottom, 

only just started it but it grows really fast compared to the other way

Will post the back of the Mandala cushion tonight 

Have fun hugs to all x


  1. It's looking really good, Sue! Such a joyful pattern to do! I'm still struggling Mandala-wise. Will have another go today and get back to you if I get my yarns in a twist (or should that be 'knickers'?!)

  2. Sue, you used to have a pattern for interlocking block stitch... I thought... I am often simply in the wrong place. You DO have more than one lovely blogs! I have just the right yarn for a scarf like the red example you show here, and I LOVE it, and the blue! Just dont have the yarn in those blue shades... Drat! IS there a free pattern of that stitch still?

    1. Hi Maschelle, on the side bar a link to a 6" block stitch..any good? Otherwise it's on my other blog and I will add a link later rushing to get to the shop for seat covers right now
      Happy Christmas xx

  3. Hee hee... Feeling silly! Yep, the 6" of blockstitch pattern in the margin will do BEAUTIFULY. Just didnt connect in my head.. Was thinking verticle stripes like your Noro samples (on the other post you share this purse on) and a square of the pattern just didn't connect to creating verticle stripes in my brain. LOL! TY for answering when so very busy! You have a very Merry Christmas, Sue!