10 August 2012

Block stitch in the round?

and a ball of string for 25p a ball...
and it is soft enough to wear too.....bit of an earthy smell to it though lol
no idea what to make with it...but 4 balls for a pound, last round of this was the second ball.

been a really hot day here and I'm wilting fast.

Hugs to all x


  1. Your talent know no end, you are amazing Sue.

  2. Oh Wow!.....next week's project!! I finished my 'Fair Isle' Mandala.....I worked out the back from your pic.....well, as good a match as I could get it anyway but I LOVE my new cushion. My sister arrived just as I was joining it up and thought it was a new bag for her! Guess what she's getting for her birthday?! Have a great weekend, Suz and thanks so much for the patterns and the tuts.
    ps Love your chandelier - off to BM's tomorrow to get some of those dangly things to hang from my tree.

    1. Hi I have sent a pm, good luck at B&M..We love it always something you have missed in there to be creative with lol
      Lucky sister, lol