21 August 2012

Spending a few days unpicking old half finished and badly made projects...

Gathering the pieces together for a giant bed spread I became overwhelmed with the amount of half finished projects.
So taking a few days to unpick, wind wool and sort out the craft room.

Then I can reassess and start the giant bed spread.

Next week I will do the patterns that have been asked for and finish the month off
all tidy and ready to start again.....lol
Well that's the plan, I have got to do something the craft room looks like a hurricane hit it.
and why keep it all if it isn't working has no real use and is cluttering up the room?
I won't be able to climb into my dent soon if I don't do something lol

So many stars and flowers what was I thinking of?

Always love to wind wool, so I am going to have a very relaxing time?

Have a great day everyone 
hugs to all x


  1. Oh My goodness i could just sit in that room and just oooo and ahhh at everything. It looks gorgeous even though there unfinished. Just look at all the colours, designs and patterns there a real treat on the eye ;-)))dee x

    1. Hi Dee
      hahaha yep there is that side to it, but what is if all for? why am I making stuff with out finishing it? and what am i doing with it all? lol
      Plus it is filling the space up, soon I won't be able to move in here buried under a woolly mess, all be it colourful lol
      Hugs X

  2. Wow, you have been busy with all those marvellous creations! However, I'm sure you will feel wonderful once you have put some order in your craft den! For the stuff you really don't like - maybe a thrift shop would enjoy it? There are always different people with different tastes seeking out bargains to make their homes more beautiful! Just a thought! Good luck with the wool rewinding - watch out for those kitties paws though!

  3. What a wonderful room. I would feel good in there.


  4. Oh Boy!...Better you than me! The unpicking of stuff makes me tired and crazy. That's why if I don't like it after it's done...it becomes something else, like a key chain or a pocketbook! LOL

  5. It would be tough to pull out all those beautiful flowers, colors, and squares. Yo are better than me Sue.

  6. Love the star blanket(?) It could be stitched to some backing material and then used as a blanket, throw etc.

    Would love the pattern if poss. Your work is fab and an inspiration.

    Or better still how about Book II flowers leaves and shapes

  7. Sarah London sells off her samples, etc on Ebay, though I don't advocate you do that with your beautiful things - folk want things for nowt on there - maybe you should open a blog shop...there'd be queues around the block to buy up your stuff, Suz. Hope you're well. x

  8. I wish my room looked like yours, all I see is gorgeous stuff and that can't be bad.

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  10. I just found your blog via a post to me on FB. Love your colors. Thought when I saw these pictures that my laying all my projects out so I can see them is not being messing. It is just cool!