20 August 2012

If I could have one wish, make my hands work faster than my imagination....
It all started when I lay out the leaves I was making to go with the flowers, 
holes and gaps aren't always round!
A thought occurred...as I mixed and matched...

what greens had I in the stash?....
by 4 this morning I have a piece of Leafy crochet and a poem to go with it too...
and another design is emerging? 
Or is it to be added to the giant bedspread....really must try and lay it all out today.

Glad you all liked the flowers, all different, Ruth asked if I had a pattern?
YES but which one would you like? I make them up as I go, half the time. But if you can pick one I can do a pattern for you.

Have a fun filled woolly day everyone 
hugs x


  1. I'm greedy! I want them all! But if that is just a bit too much, how about the large one in the pics just below this post?

    1. hehe have left you a message, flower club may be?
      Yes I can do that one this week sometime for you x

  2. Been a little out of touch this week with all that's been going on but have just had a catch up with your blog. I bet you struggle to get your brain to shut down at night to allow sleep. You have so many design ideas in your head. :-)
    A x

    1. Hi Annie...nothing bad I hope will go take a peek right now...mmm so true I wake up thinking woolly thoughts hehe
      Hugs x

  3. Oh, you're having such fun, Sue! I can just imagine you in that dent in your sofa surrounded by leaves and flowers galore in your crochet garden!!

  4. Oh Wow Sue i love the flowers in your post there gorgeous the orange and yellow made me smile there so warm and remind me sunny days. Loving your leaves to i adore the colours you use for your work, dee x

  5. The leaves look like something from under the sea! The colours also seem sea-like, wonderful, perhaps you can do some star fish or other sea weed shaped pieces ?! love your stuff, cant wait for the book.

  6. The leaves and flowers seem to float together on a still pond. Images of Claude Monet's water lily ponds rushed into my head! Simply gorgeous together! :)