07 August 2012

Sorry going to split the Back pattern of MANDALA too...

Sorry life has got in the way of blogland I'm afraid and a ton of Chippings being delivered this morning is going to have to be shifted today, yes I wasn't happy with the extra charge so the terrier in me was determined to find the chippings from some where else.....took me all of 5 minutes to find from PJ Skips almost 10 miles away, and £20 cheaper, so the local company got cancelled
and here a bit of garden remodelling

So back to the Mandala Back Pattern PART 1.
Just the middle bit today
4mm Hook, Cotton-On yarn (in photo above but the cream for the tutorial photos in pure cotton)
and USA terms

Ch4, sl st, into a circle

Round 1: 12dc, into circle sl st to complete the round.
crochet over the end as you go.

Round 2: A clusters of  3tr in each sts, with 2 chain between each, sl st to complete round

2yarn over's and 2 pull throughs holding th stitches on the hook until you have done 3 then last pull though is through all 3 stitches to make the cluster then a ch to hold the cluster together

Notes to help:
so technically you are doing 3ch, between but 1ch, holds the cluster together and 2ch, gives the spacing
use sl sts, to move to the next starting space when working in one colour

Round 3: sl st to chain space,  4dc,  in each chain space. sl st to complete round

Round 4: 1dc in each of the next 4 stitch, then ch3, repeat in each of the 12 sections,
sl st to complete the round

Round 5: sl st, to middle of the 4dc of round 4 (as picture below), 

then do 5dc in the chain loop anchor with a sl st in the centre of the next 4dc of round 4, repeat until round completed

Second half tomorrow but something to be 
going on with at least.

Good to hear you like the Interlocking Block Stitch Bag, wasn't going to but I have been asked to do a tutorial on that too...thinking about it

Next tutorial (next week) will be on ends, changing colour, knots and finishing ends another request.

Have fun hugs to all x


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do the tut, Suz. You must've been up all night!You're such a busy lady. Glad you got those chippings cheaper - I would have shopped around too so good on you for being successful in your search.Can't wait to see the garden with it's new look.
    Have a good day.

  2. Love the pattern. I haven't done one like this for a while. I've been just making things for my shop. You reminded me how much fun I'm missing! LOL

  3. Lovely work. Fabulous detailed tutorial. I'll give a try. Thanks a lot for sharing and for the time spending in correcting, photographing e detailing everything for you. Greetings from BRazil