03 October 2012


Took me longer than expected yesterday I kept finding things to look at and remember lol
lots of half made paper things....
From paper dolls to birds garlands to flower balls...
also spent time looking through all my old college drawings and my Dad's artwork too, 
James thinks I should frame some of them. Might with some of my Dad's stuff drawn in the 1950's

At least I managed to clear the dining room but there is still a pile of woolly stuff to deal with and only one cupboard and a couple of storage boxes left to fill, don't think I will manage it do you?

Finished late last night didn't want to go to bed so I lingered a while and watched the TV.
I Love My Crafty Space again

Certainly a lot tidier than a couple of days ago

Hugs x


  1. I need you to come to my home and help me with my spare bedroom! LOL The yarn has taken over! I sort and clean and a couple of weeks later, it all escapes again! I think the yarn comes alive when I go to sleep at night. It frees itself and the skeins have a free for all with one another! Do you think I can sell that theory? Nice work...your room looks beautiful! Now, get to work on something yarny and important! Hugs, Annette

  2. Well done you with the sorting and tidying Suz. Bet you feel so much better now :-)
    A x

  3. Beautiful space,messy or all tidied up. I wish for an amazing space.

  4. Thanks all....mmm I think it all comes out to play at night too hehehe

    I didn't manage any more of the tidy up yesterday but I am inspired again to day to sort out all the sample square....a giant throw may be?
    hugs to all x