22 October 2012

Men's Crochet Slipper Pattern


(USA Terms)
Chunky or Very chunky yarn and 5mm hook

Basic pattern, you may need to alter lengths depending on the yarn used and foot size

PATTERN: make 2
Gents: size 10
chain 4, into a circle
Row 1: 14 dc into circle, sl st to complete round (14 sts)
Row 2: 2dc in each stitch, sl st to complete round (28 sts)
Row 3: 1dc in each stitch, sl st to complete round (28 sts)
Row 4 - 11: repeat round 3 (28sts) 

NOTE: adjust the number for individual foot
I did 16 rows in total for my son who takes a size 8.

The back of the slipper is worked back and forth not in the round as are Rows 4-11
NOTE: Depending on yarn this could be less rows

Row 12-18  depending on foot size and yarn etc: 
1dc in the next 23 sts then turn and work back and forth until the correct amount of rows have been done to fit your foot snugly. Some yarns it is 6 back of slipper rows and some it is 7.

An additional tab front into the 5 sts left off when doing the backs at the front plus two more stitches one each end of the tab.
 So do 2 rows of 7dc, start in the last stitch of the side/back and finish in the first sts of the side/back so that both ends of the tab overlap the side/back by one stitch

Sew or sc the back seam together.
Add a SC stitch in a contrast yarn around the opening edge and tab front
keeping it quite tight at the back but not so tight over the tab.

DECORATION if you want:
Make a circle decoration, and sew it to the Slipper front.

The number of rows in the total  length can depend on the yarn you use.
And to get the right fit with one yarn I did the last row in SC and not DC for some yarns

Don't make it too loose or they won't stay on your feet as they stretch a little in the first wearing.
But it is easy to adjust the number of rows to fit your foot and make them personal.

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