19 October 2012

Over two weeks since my last post......how did that happen?

Been a tad busy just lately and the last two weeks seem to have flown by, lots of cleaning and sorting and all the problems August and September way behind me now, thanks goodness.

Exciting progress with the book, so a lot of reading and editing going on, a few more samples that the book designer requested and I eventually signed and returned the contract and got my first royalties cheque yesterday.

Old Tins recycled...
......made colourful covers, prefered one colour per tin, but in a rainbow of shades, are real quick to make and great for crochet hooks, scissors, glasses and pens and a splash of colour too.

POST UPDATE OCTOBER 21ST 2012 Asked about the mats...
PLACEMATS...DUNELM CLICK TO SEE MORE £1.99 each and still available.

made from the same pattern as the tin cover with a few more stitches added for the back.

so the tin covers turned into a slipper or two.... lol
Two pairs have disappeared with James for his friends wife and a pair for himself (not photographed yet, male version) and a pair ordered for his friend too.
To make one slipper takes me about 3/4's of an hour for the bigger sizes 8/9/10's and half an hour to make size 4/5 my size

This random dyed one I have had a couple of months and only really made a couple of flowers with it, but it is really light, soft and makes up beautifully. Thinking soft Granny square Wrap? 

But it could always turn into something else on it's journey though.....a bit like mohair without the tickle

No idea what this one will be be....
but it is equally as soft and lovely to work with, 
it comes in purple shades that match the sofa exactly...no real ideas yet 

Been Holiday Shopping..
...just a few things to coordinate with what I have, that will be great for my holiday and layered will also take me through the winter. I tried everything on and decided a stripy scarf would look lovely and bring all the buys together plus, keep me warm this end.
Found this one A MILLION STRIPES by Brenda Burrell on Ravelry a striped scarf, knitted in the round. Loved all the variations, picked the colours from my holiday buys and started it last night

But having made about an arms length last night, (my sc, version in mostly Colourmart Cashmerino) it has turned into the sleeve of a jacket....no pictures yet waiting until I have at least a front to show as well as a sleeve.

Looks like it is going to make a beautiful striped jacket, but will I finish it before our late hols? 
Going to give it a go anyway.



  1. The slippers are great fun, Sue!

    1. Thanks Sandra...must reply to your last mail with the cushion pattern
      Sorry for delay hugs x

  2. You might not have been blogging but it certainly looks like you've been very busy with some really gorgeous colour yarns.
    A x

  3. Love the slippers! Really love the red place mats on the table! :)

    1. Thanks...Mats from Dunelm, and I think they are still available xx

  4. You know, Suz, we could be sisters. I worked up a pair of slippers the other night but I think they're too slippy for my wooden floors. Did you add soles to yours? I've also been working in stripes lately, like this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shift
    and Veera's Simple Sprinkles on Ravelry, which I loved working on but which my Mother commented that it would make a lovely rug!!!You can't win sometimes. I've also been trying my hand at freeform crochet too!Have a great weekend Suz and are we any nearer to buying your book?

    1. hi not yet but my Son asked about that one and you could add a small piece of rug non slip matting or some people add pva glue so that when it dries it gives a non slip sole.

      Book is almost complete and I should have a final copy to edit first week in November, but it will then take another 6/7 months before publishing date I am afraid...May I have been told but again that isn't cast in stone either hehe...long process to publish a book hey?
      Thanks for asking though.
      Off to take a look at Ravelry now x

  5. Forgot to ask - do you have a pattern for those beautiful place mats?

    1. Dunelm about £2.99 each I think they are still available
      hugs x

    2. link on post and they were £1.99 not £2.99 each ooops x

  6. Love the slippers... am off to look for a pattern... never thought of making slippers...

    1. Thanks...did you find a pattern?
      Added mine today if you haven't x