02 October 2012

Eventually the much needed craft room clear out....

Been going to sort out the awful mess in my craft room for weeks. 
Yesterday I just woke up and decided this was the day....I wanted to clear a dance floor space to allow me to do my Zumba tapes.

It's looking great so far unfortunately the dining room isn't hehe. Moved everything out of the dining room into the kitchen, and everything out of the craft room into the dining room so I could decide how to make the changes...
.....decision to get rid of my huge craft table to give me more floor space, so now all the furniture fits in comfortably and I have half the room as a dance floor, Zumba here we come.
still need to remove half of the big table base, you can just see it in the bottom left corner,
but it will gives me a good space to Zumba in.

Still lots to sort out, but if it won't fit in the cupboards at the back or the storage boxes then it's got to go.

Thanks Annie and Jo for taking the fabric collection off my hands I am sure you two will find a better use for it than it sitting in boxes for years. It will need sorting for sure, I daren't look at it' 'cos I know what I will do so it's all yours. 
Cya next week.

I AM A HOARDER, are you?
Why do we keep useful stuff, but never look at it again?
MEMORIES I suppose?
Opened one bag yesterday and found a couple of James' knitted baby things I made him, he is now 28, some of my Mum's delicate crochet in another bag and a box of my old sketches from the art college days in the 70's.....how do you deal with memories and storing them?

 My back took some stick yesterday moving furniture around and humping big boxes, in fact last night i could hardly move...ooops!

We booked a much needed late Holiday last weekend
With all the upset and turmoil of the last few weeks (it came to a satisfactory end on 21st Sept.) so we are going back to Lanzarote with the same friends we went with in the Spring.
Hope this one is as good Alison and Dave.

Hope the ZUMBA works too lol.

Hugs xx


  1. Is it possible to craft and zumba at the same time :) I have to say there are two people in the photos who don't seem to mind all the moving about (I'm counting the cat as a person). I really hope your backs better. Lovely to hear your off on holiday. I hope you have a lovely time.
    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali..hehehe not sure about that one, let ya know.
      So much sitting I need to do something with a lot more movement and the Zumba tapes have been looking at me for oh! at least 2years...oops
      Crossing everything and hope it works, just need to finish clearing the floor of all the woolly stuff first then i can dance the weight away lol x

  2. Memories indeed i think your right there as to why we keep and hoard things. The craft room is looking good enjoy your Zumba i did it a few months last year until my hips told me they didn't like it. So sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time i hope life settles down for you know. Enjoy your holiday and take of your back and yourself, hugs, dee xx

  3. Hi Dee, thanks it's taking a bit longer to sort than I expected, I keep finding things to look at lol.
    Looking forward to the holiday for sure, and back is OK this morning
    Hugs x