27 February 2012

76 RANDOM COLOURED CROCHET STARS....Not the best pictures

But I wanted to do this post and my battery went flat and I am likely to fall asleep this afternoon I'm so tired
So I've used what l had...
Trust Brupbrup to walk over it as l threw it down to take a picture..... then the battery died on me too

I tried a red edging but it was to 'in your face' for me so I went for a subtle random dye yarn
 It does need blocking 

76 random coloured stars 

Thanks everyone who wished me Happy Birthday...l did say the presents were early, very early in fact my special day isn't until June,
 but thanks any way xx

Have a good week everyone x


  1. It's very pretty - I like the colors you chose for the border. :)

  2. I like the purple edging more than the red one too.
    Well done again!

  3. IT is really lovely Sue, love the edging you were right the red was a bit bright. Hope you get some rest this afternoon.

    1. As you can see I didn't get any but the Blackberry is cosy lol x

  4. It really is lovely walking all over it is just what my Timmy would do ;-) got to love them. I like both edges but i agree the plum is much softer it looks lovely. What do you mean by blocking? Hope you managed to get a rest this afternoon. dee x

  5. Those stars are a lot bigger than I thought they were, but the cat put their size into perspective! The varigated yarn edging does look much nicer than the red. And the blanket has turned out very nicely indeed. It will look lovely draped over the end of a bed.
    xXx Helen

    1. Hi Helen..yep only take a few minutes to make each one and an hour an a half to join 16 to the blanket
      5mm hook and 2 strands of DK...bit of a chunky girl me and double strands always make up a lot quicker

  6. Thanks everyone glad you all agree with the yarn choice too hugs to all xx