12 February 2012


I love this magazine they use real people as models and they are of ALL AGES AND SHAPES...
makes a change from all the touched up and false looking models in lots of other magazine don't you think?

Kirsty Allsopp is looking as gorgeous as ever on the front cover dressed in my favourite shade of pink 
She is doing a huge amount for crafters and have a go and make it your selfers
big cheer for Kirsty

Inside is a feature all about her and her new bed linen for 2012 called Mollie in another of my favourite colour combo's pinks and greens with a splash of ochre yellow and lots of white
the motif in the linen is very like a crochet motif so l started to play with a woolly version
A WIP at the moment 

My first effort really needs ripping and starting again or l might just do another one, I had no soft ochre yellow yarn so l left it out in this one. 

But think it needs it and l might need a slightly different shade of green too.....need to see the bed linen up close and personal really for true colours, but l can see a lot of ideas forming from this bed linen, 
so many l might just have to order a set for our bed  

Enjoy your Sunday
cant wait, Phil decided yo order them yesterday as an early Birthday present for my 60th
can't wait 

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  1. what a gorgeous bedspread, i can see why you wanted to use those colours!