03 February 2012

Yet another apology..

Been laid up for a few days now, but almost back to normal, caught a bug at Alison's (my friends Birthday Party) last Saturday...head cold but made me feel so tired, although that could have been down to all the excitement of the month
Had time to think a lot over the last few days. Funny how life throws curved balls isn't it?

"Are we who we are or who we become...moulded by events may be?"

just a few of the pick and mix squares

Hope this cold weather isn't keeping you in doors to much!
hugs x


  1. love your pics, and glad to hear you are feeling a wee better... It's snowing to day... a really nice weather for some crochet action, jippieeeeeeee. hugs x

  2. Ooh it is really chilly!! I'm sitting here fully dressed but with my dressing gown over the top! Hope you feel better soon, there's a lot of bugs going round at the moment. Your pics are gorgeous, I'm trying to get ideas for a blanket for my daughter's 13th in July and you are such an inspiration xxx

  3. Sorry you are under the weather, love all the crochet goodness in your pictures, get better.