05 February 2012


Half done hiding in bags, boxes and cupboards, THE PROMISE A MONTH CONTINUES

As l had a very odd January l didn't finish the 1st PROMISE, 
but it was a biggy so l will keep working on it 

My 2nd PROMISE is ALREADY about 2/3rds complete.....

I have lots of rainbow stuff half done so it started me off on a sort of vintage 70's feel blanket

This was a small rainbow cushion front half done so I ripped and blended...

each colour with a random dyed sock yarn for the 1st two rounds and the 3rd round was blended with a different colour or lighter yarn

each small ball was enough to do the 3 round GS and a enough to do a small flower in each colour may be?
giving me another set of squares, enough to do a third 9 GS block 
with 4 left over to start the 4th block 

this is the first one l made from something but l can't remember what it was now and l only did it about a week ago...blame it on the head cold shall I?

joined with black for a change and a sort of vintage feel
each set is blended in a different way...

'A reference blanket'

Thanks again for the get wells..they really uplift my spirits right now and make me feel so much better 
hugs to all xx


  1. I love these squares. Your work is always so colorful. :)

    1. Thanks Debi, keep trying to be subtle but always looks dull to me so end up adding a bit of colour here and there lol
      sue x

  2. Love these squares and colors!

    1. Hi and thanks Pam
      4x9 GS done now just need the black to join them into blocks then decide on how l put them all together...shape etc
      Sue x

  3. really really love your work :-)

    1. Hi Jewel thanks...been looking at flower this morning ready for the swap lol
      Sue x

  4. Sue,
    your projects are inspirational & you're a crocheting muse for me! I'm always eager to see what you have created next when you update your blog! Thanks for taking the time to cheer us up with your magnificent designs, exciting ideas, & brilliant colors!
    Tammy in Northern Michigan