16 February 2012


Would have been finished but l did the 1st 2 rounds with the wrong hook, one and half hours of work needed ripping.....ooops!
Another 3 rounds and l think it will be completed
3 balls of black used so far and l might need to get another one to finish it.
Going to finish the star blanket next
then all the Star cushions..

before l really get started on the Liquorice Allsorts blanket
Thanks Hillery for re-naming the blanket STAINED GLASS...works for me
Where has this week gone?
Enjoy your day x
Making plans for another friend with a 60th Birthday on Saturday, that will be a family day but she is coming over to spend the day with me on Sunday.....so I can give her a second birthday lol
Cake an all x


  1. The stained glass blanket and the star blanket are both so different yet are equally gorgeous. I'd be quite happy to have the star blanket on the end of my bed - hint, hint!!
    xXx Helen

  2. Everything you make is really lovely and so inspiring. Enjoy your day with your friend xxx

  3. Suz, you amaze me as usual. Your color choices are so fantastic. Hope you are having a wonderful day,

  4. Wonderful works! Love all your colors! I especially love the stained glass blanket! Annette

  5. Everything looks so nice - I'm especially lovin' your star blanket. :)

  6. Wow i love the stained glass blanket its stunning. And those stars are gorgeous. What i adore about your work is the bright colours you use and the array of detail and depth they make. I could look at this post for hours its a real treat to my eye. Have a lovely weekend with your friend. dee x

  7. thanks everyone..finished the cot blanket last night..shell edge for a change x