04 February 2012

Thanks for the get well wishes

Thank you all for the get well wishes, thought l was on the mend yesterday but this morning another sore throat yet again...aren't bugs funny these days?
Managing to do a bit of crochet though from my sick bed (sofa really)

Prudence Mapstone Call
Joined in with a a call to do a free form coat hanger for an exhibition in Australia at the beginning of January, 
Prudence Mapstone on Ravelry ask us all to send a free form coat hanger, to be in Aus. for the end of February, I'm little bit behind with being poorly but getting there
It may or may not get into the exhibition but thought it a fun project to have a go at

My Coat hanger Progress
went for a sea life sort of theme

Have a good weekend everyone xx


  1. Wow, that is just gorgeous!

    Groetjes, Monique

  2. I love your freeform coathanger! Hope you get well really soon! :-)

  3. Sorry you are still under the weather Suz. I sometimes think that being ill gives us an excuse to really just rest and get some crochet done. We can blot out everything else that needs to be done, Your hanger is gorgeous, just perfect.
    Sending you some positive healing mojo.

  4. Very nice Sue, this will look great in the exhibition.

  5. Phew. You moved I think. Glad to have found you again. It's been a busy January here. This looks like such a fun project. Glad to be back in the swing, if it's OK,

  6. You have certainly been having fun creating that coat hanger. Having a prolonged cold hasn't dampened your creative spirit! Good for you!
    I hope that you will soon be feeling completely well again and full of your usual enthusiasm!

  7. Thanks all...I'll keep taking the flu plus...only thing that keeps me going right now.
    Every day l think l'm feeling better then the next I feel bad again...funny bugs these days!
    Hugs to all x